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Email problems? Old host is quitting. Bear with us.

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:16 pm
by Mr.Mouse
Hi everyone,

Do you experience email troubles, like not getting any from our forum? That's because our host, after more than 10 years of excellent service, has decided to quit hosting a large site like this.
They are moving on to other business, and managed hosting of this site has proven to be no longer feasible.

So, we are moving to a new host soon. No, we are in all probability not moving to VPS or our own server, because the benefits of that do not seem to outweigh the cons.
Since we do not have any dedicated webmasters among us that would offer to be in full control of any and all server issues, we need simple webhosting to be sufficient.

Bear with us on this one while we move to a new place the coming 50 days.