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Am I doing something wrong?

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Am I doing something wrong?

Post by HOTDfan » Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:07 pm

To the administrators, moderators, or whomever it may concern,

I have been a member of the Xentax forums since January 30th of this year. And since then, I have been trying desparately to find someone on the forums to help me with a little endeavor of mine.

You see, I've been trying for the past several months to rip some models of some of the Boss Monsters from one of my favorite games, The House of the Dead 4,(published by Sega and developed by Wow Entertainment) available from PS3's PSN store. Then, using those ripped models, I planned to create some playable characters for this fully customizeable 3d fighting game engine called "Project EF-12"(Link to website: However, I have had little to no success with even being able to rip the models. I have tried several times to ask people to help me with this(once I even offered to pay money to whomever managed to helped me),providing sample files and doing everything in my power to follow ALL of the forum rules each time I post. But so far, no one has even bothered to reply back to me. Which leads me to my question: What am I doing wrong? Is it the way I type up my posts? Is my situation not important enough? Is it my username, HOTDfan? I just want to know so that I can [hopefully] fix my mistakes and [also hopefully] get more people to reply back.

Please respond, whomever gets this message. And please, no rude responses.


P.S. On a whim a few days ago, I was looking through some of the posts on the Xentax blog and I happened to find that the guy doing the blog, Devilot, mentioned my username in a few of his posts. However, they were borderlining on being on the rude and offensive side(at least, to me they were).

The remarks I saw were as follows(from oldest to newest):

"Audio File Formats:"
"House of the Dead 4: HOTDfan (duh) wants to open the audio files."

"3D/2D Models:"
"HOTD: HOTDfan tries it again!"

"3D/2D Models:"
"HOTD fan is back in the habit!"

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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

Post by VikMorroHun » Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:48 pm

I don't think you are doing anything wrong except for your intention to use copyrighted material.

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