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Using Gravatars

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:54 am
by GMMan
I was consolidating my avatar on various forum sites so if I should decide to change it in the future it'll be less work for me to update it. In any case, the forum was a bit anal about the URL format for linking offsite. Fortunately, Gravatar isn't as anal, so I've managed to get it to work here. To set your avatar to a Gravatar, enter the following for the offsite link when you go to edit your avatar:

Code: Select all{hash}?s=120/avatar.png
where {hash} is the MD5 of your email address. You can change the "120" into something else to change the size of the avatar. This is useful if your avatar is less than 120x120 in size and you want it to be displayed at its original resolution.