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Just Dance Modding WII

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Just Dance Modding WII

Post by thegcod » Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:01 pm

Hello, I took a break from modding and now I am back. I forgot all about modding and instead of wanting to learn how to mod JD2017 PC I would rather learn how to mod JD WII. I really need someone to teach me how to mod step by step, even a document explaining what to do to mod JD WII files would be great. If anyone is kind enough to send me the tools needed to mod and instructions it would be greatly appreciated. I need to learn how to change textures, songs, audio, choreos, videos, menu background, song names, unpakke and anything else that needs to be learned. I will leave my discord below incase anyone is willing to explain the steps to me.

DISCORD: shushurushuhs#6965
PS, I can probably pay whoever teaches me around 20 ish if needed.

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