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RuneScape Main Theme Arranged for Concert Band

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RuneScape Main Theme Arranged for Concert Band

Post by Sunxuemei » Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:04 am

RuneScape Main Theme Arranged for Concert Band

I've spent Best OSRS Gold site a great deal of time the last couple weeks working on this arrangement of the theme music from RuneScape. I attempted to make the score look as professional as possible, and so I'd like feedback on it - particularly in those of you that are good with engraving or know that the music. Watch description - but I want to preface by acknowledging that there's a lot of information for the layman.

Overall it done, in my estimation. It seems to capture the soul of an adventure kind of motif, although I don't know the original. The combination doesn't do justice to what it will actually seem to be, I think. E.g., sometimes a theme is not as prominent on your mix as what it will be in a real band. The accompanying figures often overshadow the melodic lines.

Here is a few quick comments: Very few, if any and if they do, then I doubt s/he will be effective at everything you've written. Modifications that are quick and chromatic music to notes are hard for harpists, perhaps even impossible. It'll need to be covered by a pianist. You might demonstrate a harpist the part and get an opinion on this part's playability.

10ff) will not be as soft as they are on your combination --especially if performed with younger players! And is there a divisi in the trumpets at the exact point? I would not set the euphonium on the Gs; that is near the bottom of their range! Perhaps Trombone 3 instead (or even a bass trombone)? Overall you've got an excellent sense of their skills and the instrument ranges, I'm a team manager and did quite of bit of organizing decades ago, so I know. Keep up the fantastic work!

Really cool! I thought at first, because it's arrayed for concert band, that's a very long time. However, I was wrong it was a Color once voices and the flutes arrived in! Should you have a group ever play this as opposed to just running it I wonder how the harp would seem. So some of it will not be loud, so perhaps doubling in alternative voices that are not being used or flutes some areas are thick with voices?

I'm not sure how composers do that or whatnot. I think bc it is for band and not orchestra me surprised just how much certain voices functioned collectively. But loved the timbre! You're likely right that the harp would not be as notable as it is in my arrangement but I did attempt to keep as close to the original as I could. In the event that you place the harpist up front lol. I did envision this group being to get a wind ensemble -. Would soften the sound up. However, it definitely could use more reworking, I was just so excited to post it lol.

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