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Oh Hi Mark

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:34 pm
by SekiRaze
What's up folks, I am Seki.
I stumbled over this quite interessting forum in search for answers. This is quiet Unique. I thought i've seen it all but maaaaaan all these random games and discussions made me happy for some unknown reason. I was allways a big sucker for modding ("modding") games. The funny thing is: I have no F'N Clue what I am doing. I started of making "maps" for Quake III. I "modded" Textures in one of my favourite games, ReVolt (Funny thing: All i did was change the bmp files... Master Modder, beware).

So now I've searched far and wide and maybe I will learn something new, maybe real modding. I love to click around game folders and finding stuff I dont understand, I am a simple man. There are lots of things i want to do but nothing i can do, but i have the heart.

I am open to any questions!