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Direct Sound Ripping(?)

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Direct Sound Ripping(?)

Post by Cthonicus » Sat Sep 28, 2019 9:51 pm

Hi there,

This may look odd being my first post, but I have a burning question that I really haven't been able to find an answer to; if it's even possible.

So, there's this program called TexMod that is able to sample, save, and modify textures in any game running Direct3D. The only catch is that the texture has to have been loaded and/or seen before it can be saved/modified. It was able to rip textures directly from the game without even having to touch the filesystem of the game, just whatever was present. This then leads to my question.

Does this same type of software exist, but for audio instead? It is possible to have a program such as this that can grab audio samples playing through one's computer and grab them the same way TexMod does? I'm not an expert in this field by any means, but I'm just ultimately curious to if something such as this already exists or could. The specific use of this would be to emulate a game, such as a Wii game, and be able to extract its audio simply by having it play on my computer without having to go through the extensive, and sometimes impossible, ripping process.

I tried searching things such as "audio sample grabber" and whatnot but found nothing of the sort.

Any sort of feedback would be great, thanks :D

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