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5700 XT Cooling Question

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:59 pm
by PedroKhan
Do the current 5700 XT lines of ASUS/MSI/Sapphire have aftermarket cooling? I'm seeing a lot of conflicting results for it. That aftermarket cooled 5700 XT's would come out in the 2nd week of August, which is now and those cards exist. And are 3rd party, so I imagined they would have custom cooling. Or do I need to wait a little longer?
I'm also getting recommended by people to NOT get a 5700 XT, but go with an Nvidia card, is that just bias on the part of those people? Cause the benchmarks look really good for a card that's almost 150 euro cheaper then a 2070 Super. And the RDNA structure does sound really nice.