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Student looking for scientific Interviews with Modders

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Student looking for scientific Interviews with Modders

Post by BassT » Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:27 pm

Hello my Experts!

I’m a student from germany, studying cultural anthropology and I’m looking for 3-4 people, that are willing to get interviewed by me (pref. via Skype Call or Chatt, anonymously or not is up to you).

I’m looking for every kind of modding like:
- Crazy Mods (Thomas the Tank in Skyrim)
- (HD) Texture-Mods (Custom Armor/Weapons)
- Realistic Mods (1 Hit 1 Kill)
- Cross Over Mods (Iron Man/Hulk/Jesus in GTA V)
- Vanilla Mods (Minor Improvements like the Pipboy Menu in Fallout 4)
- Engine Mods (Re-shading etc.)
- Maybe Tweaks (10.000 Deathclaws vs. 10.000 Mr. Handys)

From those Interviews I want to write a scientific project paper that describes your personal motivation for the modification of games and reviews the practice of the modding community.
It’s not primarily about explaining how to mod, but why you mod.
I’m not a modding expert myself, but I noticed, that there is almost none scientific research about the modding community itself. And this is where you can help!

My biggest Problem is Time:
I have to have 3-4 People willing to be interviewed until Monday, August 28. The interviews should happen arround that week (28.8-4.9.) or the following week between September 4. - September 8. The Interview would take 1 hour max.

If you are willing to help me and contribute to science of games, I would gladly appreciate it!

You can mail me with your modding experience so far at:

I will answer as fast as possible and tell you, if I would like to interview you and when this could happen. Sadly, I can’t pay you but you would help me a ton!

Best regards, Bass_T

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