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*possible spoiler* How Fallout 4 pays tribute to Max Payne

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*possible spoiler* How Fallout 4 pays tribute to Max Payne

Post by Mr.Mouse » Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:29 pm

If you have played Fallout 4, and you were also there when Max Payne came out, you will have seen the salute the devs of Fallout 4 gave to Max Payne.
They let you track the memories of Kellogg via his neuronal paths. A nice feature you would think. However, they took this from a chapter in the first installment of Max Payne, where Max, while under influence, needs to track his own neuronal paths to follow his memories (combined with dreamstate like visuals) to reach a state he can wake up and continue his business of finding the responsible people and kill them. It is even down to Max's style of narration of the whole thing, that is recreated by Kellogg's narration of the events that transpired in HIS life.

I like it when devs do this in their own games.
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