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3D model .meshset Texture .skin

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3D model .meshset Texture .skin

Post by ratonmalo » Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:11 am

Hi guys, im trying to extract something that i never tried before. is extract mesh and textures from iphone game.

is very easy to know what is inside of each file. is stg like this.

SCORPION_STANDARD.bones (skeleton/rig) 2kb
SCORPION_STANDARD.meshset (Mesh?) 1.439kb
SCORPION_STANDARD.scene (Mesh?) 960kb (skin animation?) 209kb
SCORPION_STANDARD.skinanim (animations) 312kb

At the moment im only interested in the mesh and texture.

I never hear before about this filetype so i don't know from where i can start.

i upload the files to this link :

If anybody know about those files or have time for check them y will be really glade.

thanks a lot

EDIT. i found in other folder files .pvr

The PVR is a old format used in dreamcas for textures but it was updated for use in iphone. is like the new png compress format.

so the textures can be extracted easily but i we have left the models :(

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