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How unpack Ensemble Stars!! Music Korean ver. (File Exists)

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:10 pm
by ensemblestars
First of all, I apologize for my poor English because I am Korean.
What I want to unpack is a mobile game made of Unity and others, and I have finished extracting data. (I attach the file to the link below.) But I don't even know what program I need to use to unpack this data, so I'd like to get help.
I want to unpack all possible files, but if it's difficult, 3d model files are enough. If it's hard to teach you how to do it, it's okay to only receive unexpected data. ... sp=sharing

This is the link to the file.
If you have a problem with the extraction file, or if you don't trust it, go to Google Play Store and say, "앙상블 스타즈!! Music" You can extract the data yourself by searching and installing.
I look forward to your help. Thank you.