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Decompress ADB and BABEL files format ?

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Decompress ADB and BABEL files format ?

Post by Prophetjuhh » Mon Dec 21, 2020 11:18 am

Hello !
I would like to open compressed files from Fable II
It's called book.babel and speech.adb

It's the first time I see babel file format.
Apparently it should contain text but i'm not sure.
(localisation : FableII/data/language/fr-fr/text/book.babel)

And the file speech.adb
(localisation : FableII/data/language/fr-fr/speechdoc/speech.adb)

Any idea how I can decrompress these files extension?

Thanks :)

of course the link to dl the file : book.babel ... 9ToAAJTqLs

link to dl the file : speech.adb ... 2vhN91Z9DA

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