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Dump text from compressed XML files (Crysis 3 PC)

Read or post about compression. And decompression. Or ask questions how to decompress your files.
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Dump text from compressed XML files (Crysis 3 PC)

Post by RubberdaTruck » Mon Jul 06, 2020 3:54 pm

Holy moly, this place still alive :D Been about ten years since I actually checked Xentax, thought you've closed long ago. Mikey and Ekey still hanging around the hood? [bruce]

Straight to the point of the topic

I'm in need of assistance with couple XML-structured albeit compressed, from what I can see, localization files. They seem to contain approximately 10-30~k lines of text. Those come from the Crysis 3 DLC and precede the actual game data, hence need to be decompressed to a readable text format. Thats the part the dumbo in me can't work around.

Would anyone please look at them and tell me if decompressing is possible, if yes, what text them buggers have? I've uploaded only 3 out of 13 files (varying for different languages; compression has to be the same so doesnt matter which honestly)

. Cause I'm not really sure what those files serve in game.

Thanks a bunch.

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Re: Dump text from compressed XML files (Crysis 3 PC)

Post by ikskoks » Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:28 pm

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