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PZZ files (PS2 game files)

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 6:03 pm
by Eraea
So I've been trying to see if i can get something out of a PS2 game called Gundam Seed Destiny Alliance vs Zaft 2 Plus.
I was able to browse the game files via AFS Explorer and found sound files and movie files, but I was stumped where the textures and models were located.

Some search led to me finding 80+ files that were named similarly and also the number of these files corresponded to the number of playable units that are present in the game. These files also had very similar file sizes, but they were in this pzz format which I couldn't find any clue about. The game should have been developed by CAPCOM so maybe some of you have encountered this file type?

I'll link these files if anyone is kind enough to help out. ... Z0VidJbQr1