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Can someone help me decrypt a Chinese game?

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:36 am
by LeonNeol
I downloaded the apk and unpack it, all the assets are encrypted in someway. There's a bunch of so file in \lib\x86 but the one I think that is most likely to contain decryption method is I opened it in IDA and found these functions:
This is as far as I can go :(

The game may use TEA or XXTEA
I have no experience in the matter so I hope someone can help me. I attached a zip file which contains the so files, some lua files and pngs

Note: The game server actually leaked its Directory Listing and I was able to grab on some php files, one of them is xxtea.php which is just the source code for the algorithm, others are just functions with no clues, they are also added in zip files.

Thank you ...