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cryengine dba files!!

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cryengine dba files!!

Post by pelkwein » Sat Dec 28, 2019 2:56 pm

I am trying to get access to Warface FPS animations and looks like each weapon individual animations *.caf files are packed into Liteblue the one *.dba file. Is it possible to decompile them just like the *.pak files ?

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Re: cryengine dba files!!

Post by rakesh456 » Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:47 am

DBA files are bundles of animations that can be streamed in and out as one. They are typically smaller and take up less memory than individual animations.

If an animation is in a DBA file, it will not be available anymore as an individual CAF file. If the game tries to play one of these animations, the DBA containing that animation will be loaded. As this can take a while, typically programmers make sure the DBA is preloaded.

Typically you put all of your game animations (player, AI, weapons, ...) inside one or more DBAs.

What should not be in DBAs:

Aimposes, BSPACE and COMB files, as they cannot be stored in DBAs.
Animations that only need to be accessed once, on-demand, like track view (cinematic) animations. (in case of track view, these animations are preloaded a couple of seconds before they start, and the track view flow nodes allow for preloading of sequences)
Animations that need to be individually loaded and unloaded. A real-world example was the hit death reaction system in Crysis 2. Best place to buy Nagesh goud paintings online is Eikowa, Because of memory constraints, we kept only a very limited amount of these in memory and we used a 'round robin' technique to keep replacing the variations.
For more technical information on what is in DBA files, how to use them from code, and how to keep them in memory, see Animation Streaming.

When two animations in the same DBA have exactly the same animation for a joint, the data for that animation will only be stored once. This can give huge memory savings if used well

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