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Help with Apex .starpak files

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:52 am
by damndoe
A tool called Legion used to unpak .rpak files easily and pulled all the assets, this tool has not been updated and is no longer working. I tried using
Bigchillghost's BMS script but it no longer works for the starpak files.
Here it is:

Code: Select all

idstring "SRPk" # starpak
goto -8 0 SEEK_END
savepos entryOffset
get entryCount longlong
set entrySize longlong entryCount
math entrySize * 0x10
math entryOffset - entrySize
log MEMORY_FILE entryOffset entrySize
get Path basename
for i = 0 < entryCount
	get Offset longlong MEMORY_FILE
	get Size longlong MEMORY_FILE
	goto Offset
	get Magic longlong
	set Flag longlong Size
	math Flag & 0x0FFF
	if Magic == 0x1800000007
		set Ext string ".msh"
	elif Flag == 0
		set Ext string ".tex"
		set Ext string ".dat"
	set Name string ""
	string Name p "%s/%08d%s" Path i Ext
	log Name Offset Size
next i
Does anyone have any updated information they can share or updated bms scripts to get these dang files open for apex legends?

Thank you.

Re: Help with Apex .starpak files

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 6:16 am
by tschumann
Which file? It doesn't look like the format has changed.