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GCS and GCM Wii Game Files

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GCS and GCM Wii Game Files

Post by Kieutrang » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:13 am

Although it sucks, the one thing that Rudolph game for Wii got right was models. I've been checking out the files lately to see what I can find, only to see it's full of gcs and gcm files. I've looked it up, and it seems like these filetypes are used in a fair bit of other games, but I haven't seen anything that can extract them. Anyone up for a challenge?

Here's some samples. I've also included a pair of gcs/gcm files from a Dora Wii game, since they seem to use the same type and same engine, in case you want to compare. I quickly compared the one from each game in a hex editor, and they both look pretty similar.

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