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quickbms batch conversion

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quickbms batch conversion

Post by shakotay2 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:44 pm

(Posted due to a user's request and because I couldn't find an appropriate batch - though I have a deja vue there's already a solution somewhere on xentax)

Usually quickbms is used for extracting a bunch of (compressed) files from archives (*.pak or such).

But there's bms scripts which handle one single (non-archive) file only for example for decompressing texture files.

In case you have a hundreds of such files this batch should come in handy:

@echo off
for %%f in (*.data) do (
quickbms %%f D:\test
REM no blanks in filenames, please

Copy above 5 lines into a *.txt file and rename it to whatever.cmd.
Replace the parameter "" by a bms script of your choice and replace *.data by the suiting extension.
(D:\test is the output directory, as an example.)

Execute the cmd file where the *.data AND the bms script files reside.

I did a test in the quickbms directory.
In case you use another directory for .cmd/.bms/*.data you need to expand "quickbms" in the cmd file by the full path, "D:\QBMS\quickbms" for example.

(To make it work with filenames containing blanks you might try "%%f" in the script - didn't test it though.)

In case you just want to drag'n drop the file to be decompressed/converted use this batch:

@echo off
quickbms %1 D:\test
REM no blanks in filenames, please
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