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Revelation Online - PG files(?)??

Read or post about compression. And decompression. Or ask questions how to decompress your files.
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Revelation Online - PG files(?)??

Post by reddingtongomes » Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:36 pm

Hello all!

Soo... We are on 2018, and the "global" version from is just one year old, still on beta (When you login you can see, on the chat, a messatge where it is a "Whelcome to the beta" messatge). This game is soo lovely, but on its like a half of the game compared with the chinese server and it becomes exaggeratedly p2fast progress or pay2look. I see how people come but just play like a week, and some people from the guild i am are asking about the famous private servers like on the most MMORPGames. Ive been developing maps and items on some Metin2 servers, but im no longer on that community, and i know how viral this things are.

Well, im here to ask abut this situation on Revelation Online or Tianyu (original), if someone want to participate or know about some information will be great!

Ive been researching about the .PG files from Revelation Online client. On this forum there are some users that made a good work some years ago, they made a tool that can decompress the .PG files and still working, i just tried on the client today 19/03/2018 ( /viewtopic.php?f=10&t=14472 ). But we dont have some tool to compress again the files, im not good doing that kind of things, if someone can try it will won some love from many people.

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