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Blood Bowl 2 .motion files

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Blood Bowl 2 .motion files

Post by SnakeBlitzen » Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:26 pm

First off - I'm new to modding so forgive my noob questions and apologies if this is the wrong sub for this topic.
I'm trying to figure out how use the .motion files I extracted from Blood Bowl 2 to animate the 3D files that I extracted and converted to OBJ (see:
I'm assuming that the animations (and rigging?) are in the .motion files but cannot confirm.
My end goal is to be able to play through the animations of a character and then export an OBJ or STL of the model in that pose so that I can 3D print it (see, for example:
I've had some limited success already printing the files in the T-pose the come in but would really love have some in their animated form.
I've tried using Milkshape 3D as in that video linked but as the files are not from UE the .motion files are not recognized.
So there's the heart of my question: How can I use these .motion files to get the animations or how can I figure out how to convert them to something that another program can use?

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Re: Blood Bowl 2 .motion files

Post by dengrazy » Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:46 am

Did you get anywhere on this? I just stumbled upon your question as I have extracted the T-pose but have not yet found a way to use another pose.

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