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Various TMNT games!!!

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Various TMNT games!!!

Post by Vindieselwalker » Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:10 pm

I'm attempting to extract and make available any existing 3d models from any Ninja Turtles games. On a few I've hit some walls and am fishing for ideas.
issue= The extracted files are also in a unique format and there doesn't seem to be an available method to take them further.

- TMNT 2 Battle Nexus (Windows)/TMNT Mutant Melee:
* Extracts with: Game Extractor
Multiple extensions are present (.l, .lp, .lpa, .lpac, *none*) including known character names else there are several "demo_.dats" in the full archive. Opening in Wordpad yields the same extension result.

- TMNT 3 Mutant Nightmare (GC):
* Extracts with: manual iso/Dolphin
more to come but see above

- TMNT Danger Of The Ooze (Wii):
* Extracts with: Quickbms
Extensions are generally the bland type of file (.model, .texture, so on) but that clearly isn't the true filetype.

- TMNT Legends (Android):
Conventional Unity does not work here however the main files can simply be extracted manually from an emulator after an update is downloaded. Those files can then be deflated with a Quickbms script, TinTin I believe which leaves several small .dat files in place. Myself and others have yet to find what opens those. This game in particular of course has a high request volume right now.

- Nicktoons Online Java games:
The homesite itself is host to several Java games. However as opposed to the norm the games themselves appear to be hosted elsewhere and are loaded through a shell. All attempts to retrieve and download the game files are coming up short. The main case of my testing has been the Turflytle game.

Any and or all help would be highly appreciated by myself as well other modders around the net whom are developing fan projects. Sample files will be uploaded by myself for others to research upon request. Thanks for your time and again all the great work all of you have put in here over the years.

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Re: Various TMNT games!!!

Post by ikskoks » Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:20 pm

I don't know it will be helpful for you, but I have made some research recently on TMNT 2003. Here are the files -> ... MNT%202003

Models are probably in DFF files. You should check them.

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