Black Desert Online Customization File Format

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Black Desert Online Customization File Format

Post by akyryz » Sat Feb 02, 2019 1:08 pm

I believe the black desert online customization file is compressed since multiple parts share the same address and I can't figure out how.

Reference thread: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=11849

I think the game slides should be a Vector3 or CompressedVector3 for X, Y and Z slides but if you change the value too much at that address it change other parts too.
The address changes 8 bytes and the more strange thing is the other part affected changes the next 8 bytes ahead too and in turn changes another part, the cycle repeats.

C7 4E 88 73 8B 51 4C 88 00 FB 28 48 EA F2 9E 19 - Original Data
DF EF 87 D1 FB B6 5D 8C 00 FB 28 48 EA F2 9E 19 - Part 1 Changed Only
98 FB 7F 6E 81 04 1E 84 FC B2 02 FA 86 CB 60 E5 - Part 2 Changed Only

The default value for the 8 bytes seems to be: 41 EF 58 6A F7 CA 4F 0E
Starting from address 92 you can set to 00 and the file will load with defaults.

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