Need Help for decompressing/extracting .CHD-File

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Need Help for decompressing/extracting .CHD-File

Post by Henchman800 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:52 am

Hi everyone,
This is my second time using this forum, so i hope im not posting this in the wrong topic/category. If so, please move it and I apologize for it :-)

I hope you guys can help me out on this:
I´ve been trying to extract files from the game "CarnEvil (v.1.0.3)". As alot of you guys probably know that all the main files are stored in the 1.43GB .CHD-File. I saw that on a guy named ColourBlindZebra extracted alot of sounds and textures! I contacted him about it and he luckily got back on me, telling me that he used a tool called "chdman" (available with donloading mame) in order to convert the .CHD-Image into a more common Image-File like .RAW .BIN/CUE
That would've been the furthest he ever got into the files though.
I tried with tutorials to do the same. But i was only able to create a 3.14GB RAW-File. The other commands for chdman don't seem to work for me :-/
I know there must be a way since there is several promising guides and attempts; ... m_MAME_CHD

They use different commands, but none of them works for me.
I don't know if it has something to do with Carnevil or not.
The game itself has a filesystem-check in the debug menu showing you +1500 files with there extension (.wms , .bnk , .za , .za2). So Mame must detect them within the .CHD
But how can I get to them? From there on I found a working (?) way in order in to find and extract mesh data from an unknown file type I would then look into.
The reason I wanna get these models is to create custom wallpapers, animations or/and to support ColorBlindZebra by providing 360-Rotation Gifs of the exportet Characters.

I hope you can help with extracting the .CHD
Thank you for taking your time :-)
Best regards

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