NBA 2K18 - Decrypt / Extract Roster File

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NBA 2K18 - Decrypt / Extract Roster File

Post by stickyfingers » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:16 pm


i'm a member of NLSC community :

Modders of this community used to recreate entire NBA seasons on NBA games. Best example on NBA 2K14 was this mod :

On old "NBA 2k" there was a tool to buy :
This tool allowed us to edit roster file which contains all teams, players, players attributes contracts etc...

Since 3 years, there's no more tool. We cannot editing easily and quickly theses fileds, no one was able to open the roster file
So we have to use cheat engine to copy or modify players but it takes a lot of time.

So i contact you in hope you could help us on NBA 2K18,on roster file editing/decrypting ?

Here's the roster file, which has only a "EBNH" magic followed by a 32bit zero and encrypted data (thanx to Luigi Auriemma) :

I hope you could help us guys ;)

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