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(Solved) Terra Battle 2 resource files

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:15 pm
by Droolie
Hey there,

I'm looking for assistance to decompress Terra Battle 2's resource files. They're extensionless and seem to be headerless as well - just compressed (at least it seems to be compressed) blocks of data. I can find references to zlib as well as lzma in the game's code, but I don't see how I can use any of those algorithms here. Then again, I'm not very experienced with compression algorithms.

(Sample files removed)

Thanks in advance!


EDIT -> After 2 weeks of hard work, I've made a fully working program to decrypt(!) and decompress this terrible file format. However, as Mistwalker and Sillicon Studio both hate reverse-engineering with a burning passion, I won't share it publicly. Feel free to PM me though if you're really interested.