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Illusion Softworks (*.DTA) SFL Block Compression

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:44 pm
by Ekey
Hi every one. I try make generic unpacker for old games by Illusion Softworks such as:
  • * Mafia - (DTA version ISD0) - Encrypted
    * Chameleon - (DTA version ISD1) - Encrypted
    * Hidden & Dangerous 2 - (DTA version ISD0) - Encrypted
    * Hidden & Dangerous 2 : Sabre Squadron - (DTA version ISD0 + ISD1) - Encrypted
    * Wings of War - (DTA version ISD1) - Not Encrypted
but need help with decompressing file datas. With comptype scanner i found compression method - it's SFL Block (#34). Ok here general info about structure DTA's , quick and crappy code.

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struct t_DTAHeader
   DWORD dwID; //Can be ISD0 and ISD1
   DWORD dwTotalFiles;
   DWORD dwTableOffset;
   DWORD dwTableSize;

struct t_DTATableEntry
   DWORD dwUnknown;
   DWORD dwOffsetAH;  // Offset for additional header
   DWORD dwOffsetFD;  // Offset for compressed file data
   char pFileNameHint[16];

// Additional header
struct t_DTA_AC_ISD1
    DWORD dwExtra1;
    DWORD dwExtra2;
    DWORD dwExtra3;
    DWORD dwExtra4;
    DWORD dwSize; // Decompressed size
    DWORD dwBlocksCount; // Nums of compressed block for current file data
    DWORD pExtra5;
    DWORD pFNameLength; // &0x7FFF (or you can use 2x short)
   DWORD dwTempPos = 0;
   t_DTAHeader pDTAHeader;
   t_DTATableEntry pDTATableEntry;
   // Reading header
   fread(&pDTAHeader, sizeof(pDTAHeader), 1, fi);
   fseek(fi, pDTAHeader.dwTableOffset, SEEK_SET);
   for(int i = 0; i < pDTAHeader.dwTotalFiles; i++)
      fread(&pDTATableEntry, sizeof(pDTATableEntry), 1, fi);
      fseek(fi, pDTATableEntry.dwOffsetAH, SEEK_SET);

      // Read additional header
      fread(&pDTAACISD1, sizeof(pDTAACISD1), 1, fi);
      unsigned char* pFileName = new unsigned char[pDTAACISD0.pFNameLength & 0x7FFF];
      memset(pFileName, 0, pDTAACISD1.pFNameLength & 0x7FFF);
      fread(pFileName, sizeof(char), pDTAACISD1.pFNameLength & 0x7FFF, fi);
      dwTempPos = ftel(fi);
      WORD wZSize;
      WORD wOSize = 0;
      WORD wUnknown;
      unsigned char* pDstBuffer = new unsigned char[pDTAACISD1.dwSize];
      memset(pDstBuffer, 0, pDTAACISD1.dwSize);
      int pResult = 0;	 
      for(int j = 0; j < pDTAACISD1.dwBlocksCount; j++)
            //Read compressed sizes after filename in additional header
            fseek(fi, dwTempPos, SEEK_SET);
            fread(&wZSize, 2, 1, fi);
            fread(&wUnknown, 2, 1, fi);
            dwTempPos = ftel(fi);
            unsigned char* pScrBuffer = new unsigned char[wZSize];
            memset(pScrBuffer, 0, wZSize);
            fseek(fi, pDTATableEntry.dwOffsetFD, SEEK_SET);
            fread(pScrBuffer, wZSize, 1, fi);
            pDTATableEntry.dwOffsetFD = ftel(fi);
            wOSize = expand_block(pScrBuffer, pDstBuffer[pResult], wZSize);
            pResult = pResult + wOSize;
            free((void*) pScrBuffer);
      //Save file... bla bla bla.....

Well, 1st block decompressed fine, but with next blocks something wrong :( . Can someone help? Top secret files here from Wings of War.

Thanks advance for any hint :)

Re: Illusion Softworks (*.DTA) SFL Block Compression

Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 12:51 pm
by hdmaster
I already wrote a working generic unpacker but actually never released the sources [roll] . I'll post a link to source code here soon.
Although the DTA compression looks similar to SFL Block to me, it is a little bit different. Both use LZSS and RLE but DTA also uses some kind of differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) for WAV files.

EDIT: I've uploaded a quick & dirty VC++ 2013 sample project (uncommented): ... w_data.rar

Re: Illusion Softworks (*.DTA) SFL Block Compression

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 2:27 pm
by Ekey
Interesting. Thanks for share :)



Code: Select all

bilboard0.dta    0xDE75DDF2      0xDEDC644B
bilboard1.dta    0xDE75DDF2      0xDEDC644B
bilboard2.dta    0xDE75DDF2      0xDEDC644B
isdata.dta       0xDE75DDF2      0xDEDC644B

Code: Select all

bilboard0.dta   0xA1B2C3D4      0x23463458
bilboard1.dta   0xA1B2C3D4      0x23463458
bilboard2.dta   0xA1B2C3D4      0x23463458
isdata.dta      0xA1B2C3D4      0x23463458

Re: Illusion Softworks (*.DTA) SFL Block Compression

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:22 pm
by huckleberrypie
What kind of encryption did Illusion use for Mafia and some of their other LS3D games? Also, what exactly does the Mafia DTA Extractor do to rw_data.dll, besides allowing loose archives to be read of course? Does it disable whatever signature or encryption flag the game imposes on things?

Re: Illusion Softworks (*.DTA) SFL Block Compression

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 11:01 pm
by Habanero
Edit: Nevermind, I didn't see this thread when I searched (it showed up in Google instead). Thank you!

Oh nice, there's already a thread up for this. I wanted to extract Chameleon's music and sound (just started playing it -- nice game so far, underrated). I got a compiled EXE of huckleberrypie's unpacker that was posted by Ekey way back in 2015, but I'm getting a PATH error. How do I set the directory? Or is there another mistake I made? Additionally, if someone could reupload the source code for the unpacker for posterity's sake, that'd be appreciated. Thank you.


By the way, here's some documentation on the format if anyone's interested.