Cookie Run for Kakao encrypted .dxj file decryption help?

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Cookie Run for Kakao encrypted .dxj file decryption help?

Post by ProbPeriPlum » Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:58 pm

Alright, so I need some help trying to get some encrypted text files opened from an old mobile game, Cookie Run for Kakao.

Early versions of the app use a different encryption format, with the extension (.dxj). This file is specifically taken from the 1.44 IPA of the game. ( ... kieRun.dxj)

Later on, the encryption was changed around 6.0 as well as the extension, now a .djb. Here's an example taken from the 7.01 ipa of the game. ( ... kieRun.djb)

I know very little about encryption myself, but here's some relevant info for possible leads:

*The game runs on the Cocos2D engine
*Encryption is consistent between iOS (.ipa) and Android (.apk) versions of the game.
*Old encryption type was also used for OvenBreak 2, which has been removed from the app store for 8 years. Archive of the .ipas is here: ... irection=a
*You can easily Google .apks for app but it's not so easy for iOS apps (.ipa). Thankfully, a handful of .ipas for the game are preserved here: ... sp=sharing
*The encrypted text is located in the "default" folder in OvenBreak 2 and "Kakao_BalanceData" for Kakao.

Thank you very much for any and all help!

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