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[WII] "POP : The Fogotten sands" 's .bf files / archives

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[WII] "POP : The Fogotten sands" 's .bf files / archives

Post by ravioXTX » Sun May 12, 2019 8:52 pm

*** Second Topic, first one is in game archive and i think here is the right place***

Hello everyone !

I allow myself to create a new topic because I really need your help !

I'm looking to unpack the .bf file archive from the game « Prince Of Persia: The forgotten Sands » on Wii to extract 3D models. As you know, the Wii version of this game offers an alternative scenario with a story and environments completely different from the PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 editions.

I have already covered the different topics concerning this game and .bf archive from jade engine, however no solutions seem to work for this game.

Here are the main tools I tried for decompression:

-BFextractor.exe (cmd & gui):
does not work, the .bf file’s name does not appear for extraction

-PersianRug.exe (v2.5):
can access part of the contents of the .bf file and extract some .bin, but they are empty because persianrug.exe cannot extract the 3D data. No doubt that the structure of .bf files on wii is different than on other support.

-gameextractor.exe (watto studio): do not recognize the .bf extension of The Forgotten sands.

-quickbms.exe ( / / : doesn’t work.

So I wanted to know if a specialist would be able to help me decompress this wii games .bf files, or find a way to do it, maybe via a quickbms script?

Because I have absolutely no knowledge on how to create a script for quickbms. Between my work, the thousands of 3d files to sort, to assemble, to model and retopo under blender and the development of shader and script under unity I do not have much time.

In link ( here is the single ".bf"file of the game "" (600mo) extracted from the iso with the Dolphin emulator.!58Y2GSTY!U4TnFxDNsCNs ... 7WdpM18Dvk

The question you ask yourself is probably why I absolutely want to extract 3d resources from this game?

Since Ubisoft seems to have abandoned the Prince Of Persia license for the Assassin's Creed series I'm currently working on a project to recreate the world of Prince Of Persia in an openworld 3D environment. For reasons of copyright, it is not a game strictly speaking but a universe to travel. To do this I extracted the 3D resources from all POP games, I remodeled some parts in blender and I incorporate them into the unity engine.

If you're interested, I could share with you the progress of my work on a second post, with maybe some pictures. However I really like the discussion remains centered around the extraction of forgotten sands's .bf file on Wii.

The project is expected to lead to a first demonstration by the end of the year. Those who have helped me, will naturally appear in the credits of the project ;)

PS* : sorry for my english it's not my native language and thanks google translate ^^
PS** : thanks a thousand times in advance for your help

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