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help ntp3 to dds

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Re: help ntp3 to dds

Post by namquang93 » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:18 am

0xFAIL wrote:I saw NT*3 somewhere before... *thinks* Right!
Eternal Sonata features NTX3 files in the XBOX 360 demo (Probably the 'X' is for XBOX and the 'P' for Playstation),
they also have the same structure.

But there was something else... *thinks* ah...., .nut files! I remember them from Tales of Symphonia (PS2 version)! They had TIM2 instead of NT*3
(funny thing I was currently working on them anyways :-D)

All of them (ES,ToS and those files) have the same structure (eXt and GIDX readable in the first few bytes)

I will start tomorrow to write a generic .nut converter (will take 2-3 weeks I'm slow :-D ) with a GUI
because this seems useful for multiple games and the format seems pretty straightforward.

Alternatively if you just want a few files converted I can do it by hand (slapping a custom DDS header on them)

Edit after reading linked topic above:
Maybe just changing the endianess in the script to little could do the trick, PS3 is little endian if I remember correct (didn't test it)
How to readable GIDX file? Thanks for help!
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Re: help ntp3 to dds

Post by zaramot » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:32 pm

Hm, NTP3 header just like Tekken Revolution (PS3) has, along with GIDX. Also Tekken Tag 2 uses GIDX. I'm sure if you swap header you can open them in Noesis.
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