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Bookworm Adventures .pam files

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Doctor Loboto
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Bookworm Adventures .pam files

Post by Doctor Loboto » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:17 pm

Once again obscure file types have rendered me helpless. Help me Xentax! You're my only hope! :(

It seems that popcap excels in creating their own methods of animation, though they are obviously based on SWF files, but are somewhat disassembled and rather randomly organized, while at the same time having a method to the madness. It seems that the PAM files themselves are the organizing files that put together the labeled corresponding gif and jpg images in order to assemble a full-working SWF file. I'm not sure how they work, which is why I'm coming to you all. You're all much smarter than me, and of course have a working knowledge of programming for the most part. I however am rather uneducated and have a learning deficiency that keeps me from studying the certain methods that are required to resolve such problems.

At the following link you will find the download point for a zip file containing the PAM files and their corresponding images. What I need is a way to convert these back to SWF files so images will be properly assembled. From what I can tell these originally WERE SWF files but were run through some kind of disassembly program and made into different file types just for the purpose of making them harder to unpack. The final step in this is of course converting the files with the proper assembly. I believe if one looks at the coding in a program such as Notepad++ or even a hex editor if one knows the methods with which to operate one, there should be an obvious conversion point and outer references to the corresponding image files. This folder is copied as it was in the games internal folders found withing 'main.pak' which was fortunately unraveled thanks to aluigi and some other inquisitive fellows.


This is a very important project to me, and, when I get my payment for the month, I will be able to reward whoever manages to figure this out if they wish it so. I will do my best to accomodate whatever requests or follow-up that may come. I would be happy to answer any questions about these file types to the best of my abilities.

To those who need a little refresher on the SWF format, check out the following link. It is a PDF file detailing the specifications of the file format and hopefully is helpful to the folks who know more about file structure than I do. ... ec_v10.pdf

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Re: Bookworm Adventures .pam files

Post by ricardoramos » Mon May 11, 2020 7:15 pm ... sFhkDvAHyQ keep an eye out for this guy. He has what you need but he's still testing the tool. Best of luck modding one of the most important games of my childhood. You have my appreciation.

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