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Path of Exile ".bundle.bin" model and texture files

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Path of Exile ".bundle.bin" model and texture files

Post by roon » Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:07 pm

Heya, I saw Path of Exile recently redid their file system, now having every file separately from the get-go instead of them being packed into the old singular .ggpk file, which gave me inspiration to look for a way to extract/convert the models and textures, yet I haven't had any success with it.

All the model and texture files are packed into a ".bundle.bin" file, neither Noesis nor the generic 3D Object Converter programs could open them.
Does anyone have any tips with opening/viewing or even extracting these? I'd be very thankful for that :D

They're stored under "/Path of Exile/Bundles2/Art/Models/*" for those that'd want to have a look for themselves.
Thanks in advance :)

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