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[PS5] Just Dance 2021 GNF Textures

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[PS5] Just Dance 2021 GNF Textures

Post by yunyl » Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:48 pm

PS5 is out and Ubisoft changed their texture format for the PlayStation consoles for the first time. PS3 and PS4 were DDS and now they are using GNF textures. The tools that are out there for extracting GNFs don't work for this format.

The textures start after the 2C offset, the part before 2C is just Ubisoft's header for all UbiArt Engine textures.

Here are some examples from the servers for 2021:

Banner_bkg, probably 1024x512 / not transparent ... 724f35.ckd

Coach textures, probably 1024x1024 or x2 / 100% transparent ... 1dfead.ckd

Cover_generics, probably 512x512 / not transparent ... 05a3a1.ckd

Albumcoaches, probably 1024x1024 /100% transparent ... 7f0c12.ckd

Map_bkg, probably 2048x1024 / not transparent ... bf969e.ckd

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