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The Curse Of Monkey Island

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The Curse Of Monkey Island

Post by jeandark » Wed Nov 04, 2020 10:47 pm

I've been looking for a tool to extract the sprites for this incredible game for a while, but I don't find many things about it

I only find old tools that are not compatible with this specific game, some programs even allow you to view some images but it is not possible to extract anything

like the ones below:

Akos View:

ScummBR Editor
with this open source program I just can't import them, but it is still open source and free for anyone to analyze how it was made

Scumm Revisited
this is one of the best, with a good game support, however,
it is also not possible to extract Actor Costume (AKOS). only rooms or game scripts

here's the reference files: ... sp=sharing

Thank you very much in advance :)

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