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Evolution Engine PNG (Star trek 2013)

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junk angel
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Evolution Engine PNG (Star trek 2013)

Post by junk angel » Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:31 pm

So I've been trying to dig back into some old files, specifically evolution engine running star trek 2013. Right now all I'm trying to do is get the textures working.

I know that the files are split somehow across the packages but haven't been able to get to grips exactly how yet.

Looking at the H file, I'm clearly seeing a header of sorts.

Code: Select all

�–���	�������������������������������������€?��€?��€?��€?���������������€?��€?��€?��€?��€?V>€Ï=wú¶<��€?¬ñ8>qW�=ˆr£<������������������€?ÿÿ?~l>~l>��€?����

and if I dig into the files located in the F and B tocs I clearly get some visual data but can't get anything decent, even when combining the two binary files.

As an example for F

and the same for B

My assumption here is that the files in B are merely a lower resolution version, but obviously don't know for certain. Has anyone gotten evolution engine textures to work previously?

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