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Unreal Championship 2 Xbox .utx & .xpr

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Unreal Championship 2 Xbox .utx & .xpr

Post by YourPackage » Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:16 am

Hello all,

I am working on a personal mod project trying to bring characters from Unreal Championship 2 xbox game to current gen.

I am able to extract most textures with the help from Gildor and his umodel program,212.45.html but not all the textures are exported correctly and cannot be found.

The specific file i cannot get the textures out of is "T_CinematicSkins.utx" which is unreal engine texture package but since it was made for the xbox it seems that maybe it is linked to some external .xpr file? but there is no corresponding .xpr file by that name in the folder contents...

Maybe it is ARGB format? I really have no idea and it is beyond my expertise by a long shot.

Here is the link to the entire xbox texture folder on my GDrive ... sp=sharing

If someone can take a look that would be great!

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