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How To create .PALN Image

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How To create .PALN Image

Post by rkthelegend » Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:32 pm

Hey everyone
I need some help about a graphic or maybe an image format called .PALN the file is from a game called Freedom fighter i was able to view the PALN images using Dragon Unpacker 5 and it also converts the PALN image to TGA With Alpha and without alpha, what im saying is how to make PALN File Here are some PALN File.
Please look at them at least for once cause i need it very much.
thanks and sorry for my bad English.

PALN FILE Samples ... XUbr__KSl0
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Re: How To create .PALN Image

Post by Bigchillghost » Mon Jun 22, 2020 5:14 pm

This is the structure of the files.

Code: Select all

long	fileSize
long64	Sig // "PALNPALN"
long	fileID
short	width
short	height
long	unknown1 // 1
long64	Null
long	unknown2
string	fileName
long	pixelSize
byte	pixelIndices[pixelSize]
long	paletteNum
byte	palette[paletteNum][4]
There're still some unknown fields (unknown1, unknown2) which might be significant to the format. It's not possible to produce a PALN file without known how these unclear fields are generated. Buf if you simply want to replace the images there might be a way.
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