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[PS2] Jampack Demo Disc Textures

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[PS2] Jampack Demo Disc Textures

Post by Edness » Wed May 27, 2020 12:54 am

This is a rather unusual texture (to me personally, at least) I tried going at it quite a long time ago and never succeeded. It does not look like TM2 that I'm normally used to seeing, nor do I see any palette laying around on its own. There were some TM3 files posted in the Discord server recently that I then also peeked at, and this seems kinda similar to it, so I'm willing to bet they're TM3 too.

The sample file is a cut down version only including a single texture, but they're all the same format/layout/all that.

What I'd love the most is if there was an equivalent to Console Texture Explorer that I've always used to preview headerless TM2 format textures, but for TM3 instead (assuming it is that). Hopefully also with the possibility to export, edit and reimport the new texture in that same format. Or at least something to give it a "normal" TM3 header like this thing does for TM2 too, that I can throw into Noesis. I tried taking the other sample TM3 file header mentioned earlier, adjusted the resolution parameters and tried putting that in Noesis, but it still resulted in garbage, likely due to some other parameter in the header that I wasn't aware of, lol. At least with CTE I can make out some vague shapes of the original image, heh.
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