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Patrician II and III, Port Royale AIM files

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Patrician II and III, Port Royale AIM files

Post by TortugaRaiderPI » Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:52 pm

Hi, I was wondering about this exotic image format that uses the Patrician 3's engines, the aim file format. They are assorted, and not just one file, so my guess is bmp's with alpha and jpeg's and Targa grahpics, but I am not that good at reversing files so this is my question:

Has anyone figure out how to unpack and repack this files?

Can I provide some aim files? I am trying to not break the forum rules.

Thanks in advance, I hope someone can readme.

ps: btw how can i donate for the xentax tool? i want to use it

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