Artifact - Modding Cards

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Artifact - Modding Cards

Post by Ahri » Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:19 am

File formats are VPK and vtex_c

The VPK file is the game files package, the vtex_c contains the image and information. the vtex_c file can be exported to a png file with the tool Valve Resource Viewer

There is a tool called VPK creator and a method to tell a Source 2 game to prioritize a self-made VPK file (Example for Dota:

However, the main issue is to turn an edited image file back into the vtex_c format.

Valve Resource Viewer ...

VPK Creator ... R.rar?dl=0

Store Link (if anyone want to help the game can just be refunded after purchasing it)´

Can't attach files for some reason so here's an example of a vtex_c file but i think if you don't own the game it is hard to understand how it works anyway. ...

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