Gamebryo File Format Version

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Gamebryo File Format Version

Post by mircea » Mon May 21, 2018 11:42 am

Hey there guy, I have been trying to get a way to open the files of a game Called Aura Kingdom(from Steam) and some of them open and some of them not, some have other version of the file that can be open and some can't.
The once with the problem are the .nif "Gamebryo File Format, Version" neither of those apps or plugins Nifspoke,3ds max,blender,noesis can open. :| Please Who can help me? I have spent so much time searching for a solution that my eyes hurt from the monitor.

PS: I do not have a ton of knowledge about editing the file version and if you try to say for example: use hex to edit the header with "this file" , you are not helping me at all to be honest! :| ( ... ment-29677).

Thanks for reading atleast though!.

Edit: I did manage to convert them but 3ds max wont import only noesis can export but with unwelded parts

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