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Project Gotham Racing 4 Area Textures ( .STREAM2 .PAK .BPR )

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Project Gotham Racing 4 Area Textures ( .STREAM2 .PAK .BPR )

Post by Mondraconus » Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:57 am

Hi guys, anyone can help me to ripping any textures of the areas ( not the car ) inside this game ( Project Gotham racing 4 ) please ?
I have 3 formats in the folder, which they're .STREAM2, .PAK and .BPR, I don't know which one of the these format contain the textures inside it... Last day, I have been contacted Luigi, and he just can tell me if .STREAM2 and .PAK file can be opened via, and I got all the data inside it, but what I don't get is the ripped data was .DAT file, is this file contains texture inside ?? If yes, how I can change .DAT to .DDS ??

And the funny is, not all of the .STREAM2 can be opened via that tool, the biggest .STREAM2 data can't be opened... But, the smallest .STREAM2 data that I have been sent to Luigi yesterday can be opened via this tool... Dunno why, I will give you an example of .STREAM2, .PAK and .DAT file, maybe you can open and get textures inside it ?

.STREAM2 file example : ... FGaDF3S25B
.PAK file example : ... nB6X1NzcVk
.DAT file example : ... 2dzOENGY3M

Thank you

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