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How To Encode Flac File For Call of Dut-IW6 engine

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How To Encode Flac File For Call of Dut-IW6 engine

Post by rkthelegend » Tue Mar 16, 2021 8:10 am

Hello Everyone
hope you are all fine and things are going well with you.
i am here again and i need your help.
I am looking to replace gun and voice sound in Call of Duty Ghost and Advanced Warfare, Both Games and some other titles like Modern warfare 2019 using Infinity ward 6 Engine.
The Sound the used in game for PC Version is FLAC file with some specific Block in it and when i started to edit and modify the FLACs it doesn't work and game voice and that specific Soundfile.pak become silent.
i am attaching the samples ( Flac Samples_original and my Encoding which include 1 sample of orginal flac from Game Call of Duty Ghosts and one Encoded version of my encoding.
you can see in Hex editor the Diffrences between my encoding and original one From Game, its missing a block i thing and i dont know how to write a command line for it.
I am using Flac.exe V 1.2.1 UTC 2007-09-17 same as game engine.
can any body help me with this?
Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

Here is the Link for FLAC samples ... fEE0xgEEo4
and Here is the link for Hex editor screenshots ... 1CAlv78smw

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