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PS2 Soundbank Files? (.BD .HD)

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PS2 Soundbank Files? (.BD .HD)

Post by user1690 » Tue Dec 29, 2020 3:42 pm

Hi all!

So im hoping someone can help here. I've always liked the little interface jingles the PS2's Network Adapter Startup program makes. This program i believe is included on all network-enabled games as well as having its own disk that came with the PS2's network adapter. In my case i've extracted the NETGUI.ELF and all its associated files/folders from one of my PS2 games, Star Wars Battlefront.

I was hoping to extract the little jingles, and i've narrowed it down to 2 files in amongst all the NETGUI folders. Specifically EFF.BD and EFF.HD. the .BD file seems to be where these sounds are likely to be and that was through trial and error. Mainly slapping the files at Audacity and messing with the settings. In doing so i caught glimpse of the error noise the application makes (Like if the network adapter isnt found) as well as the intro bell. Though it was clipping to the high heavens. So i tried other programs, MFAudio being first but it cuts the file off prematurely no matter what settings i put in it. It was either cut off or didnt play at all.

Then i tried VGMToolbox and that did something, that, using the ADPCMExtractor gave me a bunch of .bin files. But they werent usable anywhere and if i tried them in MFAudio, the files again are cut off prematurely.

In my searching i've found that these .BD and .HD files are PS2 soundbank files? But thats as far as i've got on that...havent found a way to make them simple .WAV files.

Any help would be appreciated. -Thanks!

PS: If anyone is wondering what the heck program im on about, its this: (Start video from 24s if it doesnt do so automatically)

EDIT: If its of any use, i have linked the files in question:

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Re: PS2 Soundbank Files? (.BD .HD)

Post by ikskoks » Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:11 pm

You can open, play and convert these files to WAV using Awave Studio.

Edit: Here is also documentation for future reference ... D_HD_Audio

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