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MGS4 SSP / BGM / DBM / MTA2 audio format

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MGS4 SSP / BGM / DBM / MTA2 audio format

Post by devilsnake88 » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:52 am

Hi guys!
I'm trying to extract/convert audio data from the MGS4 SSP format, which should contain SFX data and other currently non extractable audio data.
I asked Derrik (GHzGangster) about it and he told me this:
It's the same mta2 codec so you could try to grab the audio and put it in a bgm or dbm
Make sure you grab the start of the audio block and put it on 0x800 in a bgm
Start of audio is usually like 00 or FF or F0, something like that. Look at the start of audio in a bgm and you'll see.
So what do we know about MTA2 format?
MTA2 (Container): ... Container)
MTA2 Codec:
MTA2 File Format: ... ile-Format
Drebin tool:

I've took a look at SSP file format (wpn035_pss.ssp) with SolidSnake11 and he found it contains some other infos like MIDI datas:

We also figured out the SSP "magic" is "SSW2" and the next bytes are the data size:
SolidSnake11 also said:
after the file size
the sample begins
so the header is 8 byte in total
if we can figure out the codec
we could play them with audacity
Here is a sample of SPP/BGM/DBM files wich contains 3 files of each formats including the smallest ones: ...

If anyone is able to convert it as an usable audio file, or can provide more info about the file format, it would be really appreciated, because I (and many other peoples) are interested in using those files for many different projects.
Thank you for your time and I hope we'll figure it out! ;)

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