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MK11 Audio Ripping (stage music files)

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MK11 Audio Ripping (stage music files)

Post by MusicNerd » Sat May 09, 2020 10:21 am

Hi Guys,

Need some help with MK11 Music files. I have already used the method that Shokoniraya (decompressor script) & Luriam (ravioli game tools) to rip the music found in


But, there are stage music tracks, I believe the reside in (for Black Dragon Fight Club stage), There was also a .PSF file for some Krypt music that was outside of the .xxx archive. I believe that has a .psf file inside the archive containing the music. When you scan it with Ravioli, it only finds the top level .wav/ogg ambiance files. Can some one take a look?

I used to use Gildor's extract / decompressor tool to dump the whole contents of an .xxx archive, then rip the .fsb's once they were extracted. but it hasn't been updated for MK11. []

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