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Resident Evil 6 SFX audio files

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Resident Evil 6 SFX audio files

Post by cobaltbluebengal » Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:42 pm

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone could assist, I got the PC version of RE6 from Steam but wanted to extract the sfx from the game to make some MODS, I can import the games voice files and cut scene audio to MP3/OGG from the SNGW files, but I can't locate the SFX from the characters and enemies.

I've done a search on the board here as I'm a newbie admittedly and I got myself a bit confused as there was talk of extracting from the Xbox 360 disc and different file formats and stuff.

Was just wondering if anyone knew the tool I need as I've downloaded half dozen from the threads but don't think they're the right things or I'm not using them right. Was hoping Umodel could detect the packs as I've used it in the past to find and export ogg files but alas no lol.

Any support would be greatly appreciated :)

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