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Stardew valley switch wavebank

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Stardew valley switch wavebank

Post by Gaara5 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:40 pm


I try to replace some tracks from the wavebank of stardew valley but i run in some troubles. The tutorial for the pc version doesnt work on the wavebank of the switch version. If i unpack the wavebank.xwb with unxwb.exe all .wav are corrupted. What i could gather or try to understand is that the files are not really in the .wav format instead their should be in the .xma format. So i try to different programms like xma_encode.exe, xma_parse and quickbms but i got many errors and nothing seems to work.
So before i can repack a new wavebank for the game i would like to know what format the orignal wavebank use to replicate it.

I am thanksful for every help i can get because i am pretty new to all this and run out of options.
I dont know if i could upload the full wavebank file for legal reasons so upload a sample file from the extract.

1. Corrupted wav: ... sp=sharing
2. Raw unpackt with unxwb: ... sp=sharing
3. Some documents about the format: ... meta/xwb.c
4. Original tutorial: ... ux.127661/

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Re: Stardew valley switch wavebank

Post by Liandril » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:59 pm

Hi Gaara5,

usually we have uploads of the audio archive (in this case the .xwb file), but I've been inactive in this forum for quite a while so things may have changed. You could try to use xactxtract which tells you if the files are wav, xma or xwma, but it'll work for little endian .XWBs (=used on PC) only. By the way the tutorial you linked is not quite correct in one point: files *are* 'labeled', but the 'labels' are in the corresponding xsb file.

BTW: Did you try using xWMAEncode?

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