Battlefield Bad Company 2 Sound Extract

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Sound Extract

Post by Woody » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:55 pm

I know, BFBC2 kinda abandoned game in terms of ripping off resources. Found only one working technique to rip off sounds ( ... rom-bfbc2/)

Yes, you can extract majority of the sounds. It works like a charm for long stereo sounds (ambient, cutscenes etc) But lots of gunfire sounds/ echo and such has it's own unextractable format.
There's only static sounds or silence after full extraction

Also, i'm using HxD editor to locate right offset. Tried different offsets but no luck.

For example:

Part in red box extracted like a charm, the rest is just silience or static sounds.

However this method dated by 2010.

Probably anyone had success with full sound dump?
Or this technique old as hell, and someone did new bms/python extraction scripts?
And also, bear in mind this works only for XBOX360 game version, caused by .xma sound format.

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Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Sound Extract

Post by Damoclès » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:39 pm

I tried the method from bfeditor and yeah you're right, no all sounds were extracted.
At least i have voices, musics and some vehicules sounds. 13 GB in total.
I think no new techniques will be released.

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